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    Established in 1993, Gemdale Property Management Group Company (“Gemdale PM”) is the leading property management platform of Gemdale Corporation (“Gemdale”, listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange 600383.SH), providing property and asset management services for clients in China and beyond. After over 25 years of successful growth, Gemdale PM has evolved into a leading fully- integrated community service provider and asset management company in Mainland China. Headquartered in Shenzhen, which is located at the heart of the Pearl River Delta, Gemdale PM has projects are located in more than 100 first-tier and second-tier cities in Mainland China, providing ‘best in class’ services to over 5 million customers. In addition to Gemdale Corporation as well as third clients, Gemdale PM also provides ‘best in class’ services to Gemdale Property and Investment (“Gemdale PI”, listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange 535.HK). Gemdale PM’s array of services range from Commercial property management, Residential property services, to Intelligent technology services and signature services, such as Building engineering, Radius elderly care services, Enjoy Link, and “LUXGEMS®”. Gemdale PM is a diversified operating platform whose range of services is unparalleled

    Initiating Strategic Initiative

    To Further Build International Property Service Brand

    Following its strategy of "rapid growth with quality”, Gemdale PM has made considerable progress in recent years. As of June 2018, Gemdale PM manages properties aggregating over 5 billion square feet.

    The Gallup survey recently reported that Gemdale PM’s client satisfaction rate is 98% and its brand value exceeds USD 746 million.

    In 2018, Gemdale PM initiated its "3+X Strategy”, meaning 3 main business including Commercial property management, Residential property services and Intelligent technology services, as well as its X new business which aims to implement Asset management, Apartment operations and Elderly care through the use of ‘Intelligent’ technology services.

    Gemdale PM owns several subsidiary companies with distinct brands and specialties: (i) Gemdale Building Engineering, a diversified enterprise engaged in intelligent building and mechanical and electrical integration for smart residential communities’ upgrading and renovations offering such services for residential communities, urban complexes, and industrial sites etc.; (ii) Enjoy Link, a mobile application, providing clients with three management packages, “Internet + Property, Internet + Internet of Things, Internet + Cloud Services”; (iii) LUXGEMS®, a high-end property management solution that encompass service design, property management, consulting, International Standard Organization “ISO” training, and certified services for deluxe apartments, corporate headquarters, office buildings, science and technology parks, and property sales centers; and (iv) Radius Elderly Care Services, a combination of home-based elderly care, community-based, and institutional elderly care that serves as a radius in combining and “home, community, and institute” into a circle of integrated elderly care.

    Effective staffing is one of Gemdale PM’s distinct competitive advantages, with highly-trained staff of over 18,000, Gemdale PM is committed to building an enterprise that fulfills the needs of its staff as well as providing opportunities for their personal growth and distinctive contributions.

    Attracting and retaining the highest quality talent ensures that Gemdale PM maintains its competitive advantage and offers the best possible level of service to clients. Gemdale PM has established two recruitment programs in the industry: “Talent Selection” and “Outstanding Interns”. Moreover, it established “Golden Talent Scout” internal recommendations and “Golden Seed” intern projects to grow the company's talent supply pool. In addition to attracting the highest quality talent, Gemdale PM also launched an internal talent development program called “RUN Series” that coaches employees from entry management level to top management, allowing multi-channel career development, employee’s success and growth at the company. Gemdale PM strives to be the employer of choice that attracts, develops and rewards diverse talent to best serve its clients. Gemdale PM invests millions of dollars annually on training both online and offline. In 2018, Gemdale PM entered the U.S. real estate market to serve Gemdale USA, and over time third party developers and clients. Gemdale USA develops commercial properties and residential properties, including stand alone and mixed-use projects etc. Target markets includes Northern and Southern California, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Seattle, Dallas and Washington DC.

    Gemdale PM has always creating value for its clients in China, now it endeavors to become an international enterprise throughout delivering exceptional Gemdale PM services to clients.

    Enduring Quality through Development and Consolidation

    As its scale of operations increases, Gemdale PM has never lost focus on providing “best in class” services, for Gemdale PM continuously upgrades its service standards and seeks needs to constantly improve, enhance and innovate its offerings. Through research on clients, it upgrades service quality, through use of advanced technologies, it improves service efficiency; through building of smart communities, the result is happy communities.

    Quality at Gemdale PM means efficiency, community exceeding clients’ needs, multiplying satisfaction and breaking through stale ideas.

    Each Gemdale PM staff member follows the service philosophy of “exquisite services that show true care with love” and listens to the voice of clients. Through the application of third party professional resources and ‘internet thinking’, staff welcome the comments of clients, and fully consider multiple opinions and suggestions to improve the work. Gemdale PM has a national hotline (“400 930 8080”) which is serviced by a 24/7 call center.

    At Gemdale PM, the culture of “Enjoyment of Life, Family Culture”, means a healthy, positive and active life with love and responsibility. Throughout the country, it holds community activities throughout the year. For example, the “Enjoy Family Life Festival”, Gemdale PM advocates for the diversification of community culture, and the creation of new models of modern community culture through charity events and family celebration. In doing so, Gemdale PM is recognized by real estate developers, large-scale institutions and residents for its world class service.

    Gemdale PM has obtained numerous industry recognitions and awards, such as:

    ◆ 2018 Best 10 of China’s Property Management Enterprises for 7 consecutive years by China Real Estate Association;

    ◆ 2018 Best 5 of Technology Innovation Ability of China Real Estate Suppliers by China Real Estate Association;

    ◆ 2018 Best 5 of Technology Innovation Ability of China Real Estate Suppliers by China Real Estate Association;

    ◆ 2018 China Industrial Parks Property Management Exceptional Companies by China Index Academy;

    ◆ 2018 China Leading Property Management Companies in terms of Characteristic Service-Corporate Headquarters Service by China Index Academy;

    ◆ 2018 Enjoy Link which is awarded one of 2018 China Leading Property Management Companies in terms of Characteristic Service-Corporate Technology Management and Control Platform by China Index Academy etc;

    ◆ 2018 Best 10 of Preferred Property Management Companies by China Real Estate Association;

    ◆ 2017 Best 5 of Service Ability of China Real Estate Suppliers by China Real Estate Association;

    ◆ 2016 Top 10 BEST Employers Award in Shenzhen By Peking University Corporate Social Responsibility;

    ◆ 2016 Corporate Talent Development Outstanding Enterprise by China Human Resources Development Research Association.

    Benchmarking to International Standards,

    Innovating Business Services

    In addition to residential property management services, Gemdale PM also has developed the commercial service brand since 2015, including commercial retail properties, office buildings, industrial and technology parks, and corporate headquarters. Gemdale PI commercial services fully under the Commercial Service brand (“Gemdale CS”). Furthermore, it has established a business asset management, corporate headquarters services management system and standards, the first domestic on-line commercial property asset management service operation platform and mobile application, which is working together with international professional organizations such as Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (“HKQAA”) to integrate the entire industry chain service of asset management and commercial operation into its platform. At present, Gemdale PM manages more than 100 commercial properties in Mainland China and the United States.

    Gemdale CS has successfully established its own core values and reputation through years of operations and service, taking the vision of an “International asset service with Chinese characteristics” to provide international services and international resources for domestic clients/institutions, to provide services with more Chinese characteristics, integrating with local geographical diversity and traditional Chinese services culture essence, to deliver the tailored Butler services for foreign enterprises and overseas clients/institutions. The goal of Gemdale CS is to become one of the world known outstanding and leading real estate services providers such as CB Richard Ellis (“CBRE”), Jones Lang LaSalle (“JLL”), Savills, Colliers and Debenham Thouard Zadelhoff (“DTZ”). Gemdale CS provides a comprehensive real estate services for commercial projects, including project marketing, consulting and leasing, tenant advisory and transactions, property and facility management, intelligent and technology park operations, and property investment and funds etc. Keeping "Professionalism and Integrity" as its core values, with the slogan of "Careful service and trust”, it is committed to gaining recognition through professionalism and winning trust through integrity. Gemdale CS has won recognition and long-term cooperation with international and domestic well-known enterprises/organizations, including but not limited to, the world's top 500 enterprises such as Intel, Amazon, Huawei, Lenovo, enterprises such as China Sinoway, CNOOC, SEZ C&D Group, and State Grid Corporation, financial institutions such as China Merchants Securities, leading biomedical equipment companies such as Mindray, and “unicorn” companies such as DJI.

    The advantages of Gemdale CS are differentiated from other players in this space are the strong professional capabilities support from Gemdale Corporation and Gemdale PI, with their access to real estate private equity funds, intelligent building construction, sports and international education, and catering and logistics, etc. which is a large platform and chain for real estate managements and services with its self-owned international, standardized management systems.

    Leading Technological Innovation

    Gemdale PM adopts innovative services, commits itself to changes, and discovers client needs so as to establish a smart connection and build a multi-dimensional advanced management and control platforms-“ENJOY” application, it connects the Home Enjoyment, Smart Home and Smart Community, and apply the Butler service model as well as the service mode of “Online Home Enjoyment” + “Offline Butler” to respond quickly to client needs, efficiently coordinate various resources to meet client needs and enable clients to enjoy a smart life.

    The “ENJOY” application is striving to meet the growing needs of community users, it constantly deepens needs, improves service functions, combines additional community service resources and high levels quality of service. In addition, it leverages mobile Internet technology to create a set of community services, life services, neighbors circle in the Home Enjoyment service platform.

    Gemdale PM also built the "Smart + Home" smart home platform. "Smart+ Home" partners with major platforms and features unique encryption method, secure two- way authentication and can achieve a variety of operating methods; it is compatible with intelligent systems, such as central control systems, home appliances, television, lighting, air-conditioning, security, video intercom, home monitoring etc., to enjoy convenient smart home life; return mode, away mode, sleep mode, dining mode, home theater mode, remote control white home appliances and other scenarios, making life more intelligent and convenient. It’s dedicated to creating a safer, smarter, simpler, and more stylish digital home space for users and bringing a new and intelligent life experiences.

    In addition, Gemdale PM made new leap in smart technology by releasing “ENJOY” application for clients, “ENJOY” application for staff, Home Property Management Platform, Operation Sharing Platform, iEMP for Internet facilities and equipment management system, and iEPP Intelligent Parking Cloud Platform, Property Management Panoramic Analysis System, Periodic Operation System and Electronic Invoice System, etc. Community smart access control, smart parking cloud platform, "Smart + Home" platform, last one-kilometer delivery and other functions and services have also been launched to make property services more digitalized, standardized and comprehensive.

    The basic property services such as Gemdale Property Smart Home Platform, Smart Community Platform and Home Enjoyment Service Platform, together with the new business services of the entire industry chain, form the “Smart Ecosystem”. At present, the smart community construction has achieved remarkable results. The “Smart Ecosystem” has been formed, covering more than 100 large and medium-sized cities in mainland China. The service area has exceeded 5 billion square feet. More than 100 property companies have joined, and more than 200 organizations have partnered with ENJOY. Strategic partners covering financial, entertainment, health, travel, shopping and many other areas.

    The rapid capital inflow into the property management industry has driven the biggest wave of industries, and mergers and acquisitions in the history of the industry in China. Gemdale PM was invited as one of the "Top 10 Platform Enterprises" to be used as a case study for the "2018 China Property Management" Capital • IPO • M&A Survey Report. Under the two engines of capital and technology, platform-based companies have grown into flagship companies, leading the transformation and development of the property management industry.

    In the future, Gemdale PM intends to keep its original focus in mind, consolidate its foundations, standardize basic property management services and make continued “rapid growth with quality”. It will expand its scale of operations online and offline, further improve the residential and commercial service quality, exceed the needs of clients worldwide, connect "Internet + Internet of Things", focus on international industry trend technology, build the loyalty of the clients worldwide, integrate information, carry out win-win cooperation with its partners and achieve a mutual development in scale and efficiency.

    Gemdale PM will keep seeking to create greater value for clients and marching towards the goal of becoming the most valuable international company in the industry.

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